Free MKV Player - frequently asked questions


- MKV player program is simple, easy-to-use
- Based on open-source VLC Player
- Designed to play MKV files, built-in MKV codec
- Absolutely free mkv player
- Supports all basic operation of video playback
- Supports main video formats - MKV, AVI, MP4, etc.

MKV Player - Frequently asked questions

Q: What is MKV player?

A: MKV Player is a software player which has a built-in MKV codec which allows you to play mkv files.

Q: What is an MKV format?

A: The MKV file format is an open standard container that is able to store large number of files like video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks. It is a Matroska file. A Matroska is an open source container format and an alternative to the popular AVI and MP4 formats. It is better than them in so many areas.

Q: How to play MKV files PC?

A: The MKV files contain video and audio streams and sometime subtitles. The streams are compressed and are produced with an encoder. In order to play mkv files you need a codec which decodes the file.

Q: What is a coded pack?

A: It is a collection of the most common decoding drives in the world.

Q: Will all MKV files made using current tools be compatible with future Matroska software?

A: Files being created with current tools are now spec compliment.

Q: What is the easiest method of playing the MKV files?

A: The VLC is mostly preferred. This is because VLC is a fine player which supports the Matroska and also most video and audio streams that are found in an MKV file.

Q: Does Media Player Classic (MPC) support MKV files?

A: The MPC has its own Direct Show parser filter. It has features like it can switch between multiple audio streams easily.

Q: My MKV file is not playing at all, what is the problem?

A: You should determine what video and audio codecs are required to play the MKV file. One of those softwares include Video Inspector or MatroskaDiag which is a software offered by the Matroska team. If sing a VideoLan Client. Though storing too many filters can lead to terrible playback issues.

Q: Where do you get an MKV codec?

A: The Matroska team offers a whole set of codecs in their full packs though for some they are not allowed to do because of licensing problems.